Preventative Maintenance Minimizes Costly Downtime


Agland has custom tailored a BobCARE PMSM Inspection for most of your Bobcat equipment to help you maximize your productivity.


The Inside Story on Agland’s BobCARE PMSM Certified Inspection


Don’t let downtime be your enemy.  By participating in an Agland BobCARE PMSM Certified Inspection you won’t have to worry about downtime again.  Agland’s factory trained team of professionals will inspect your equipment, consult with you on necessary repairs and proceed only with the repairs that you authorize.  Only those machines that authorize all of the necessary repairs will be awarded the “Agland BobCARE PMSM Certified” decal.  This lets you know that any machine displaying this decal has completed our program and that you have invested in the proper maintenance to keep your equipment in the field, where it counts.

Each year that your equipment completes the certified inspection a new date stamped decal is awarded.  The series of decals on your equipment ensures greater resale value when the time comes to upgrade to a newer machine.

The added value to you comes in the form of: 

  • * Peace of mind, knowing that your machine is field ready.
  • * Avoid rental costs when machines break down.
  • * Avoid in season line-ups for service work.
  • * Eliminate further damage by avoiding the catastrophic failures before they happen.
  • * Comfort in knowing that your machine was repaired by a factory trained professional.
  • * Comfort in knowing that only genuine Bobcat service parts were used.
  • * Deferred, No Payment – No Interest for 90 days on approved Agline accounts

Agland Inspections 

Wheel Skid Steer Machines

BobCARE PM Price $550.00
Silver $444.00
Bronze $296.00


Track Skid Steer Machines

BobCARE PM Price $650.00
Silver $518.00
Bronze $296.00




BobCARE PM Price $700.00
Silver $592.00
Bronze $296.00



BobCARE PM Price $825.00
Silver $592.00
Bronze $296.00


Toolcatâ„¢ Utility Work Machine

BobCARE PM  Price $550.00
Silver $444.00
Bronze $296.00


BobCHECKSM Service Inspections 

BobCHECK 50 starting from $700.00
BobCHECK 250 starting from $900.00
BobCHECK 500 starting from $1200.00


BobCHECK 750 starting from $900.00

BobCHECK 1000 starting from $1700.00

All BobCARE PM Certified units receive top priority in case of in-season repairs. Machines must be clean to be worked on.  All cleaning is extra.